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Latest Stories

Finance / Bangladesh

In line with moves we have seen across the region in recent weeks, the Malaysian ringgit has appreciated modestly against the US dollar. Following a 13% peak to trough move from May to August the currency became undervalued in our view, and with sentiment so negative towards Asian FX in general we believed that this created an opportunity.


Finance / Bangladesh

In line with moves we have seen across the region in recent weeks, the Malaysian ringgit has appreciated modestly against the US dollar. Following a 13% peak to trough move from May... 2013-10-07

Economy / China

BMI View: China's money markets are starting to exhibit signs of serious distress within the banking sector, putting China's new regime in an almost impossible situation. Should the... 2013-06-20

Emerging Europe

Economy / Turkey

Recent monetary policy decisions imply that Turkey's central bank is becoming more concerned about supporting growth than aiding the rebalancing process, and as a result we are turning more cautious towards Turkish assets, lira included. The technical picture for the unit is also starting to look precarious, prompting us to remove our bullish TRY/US$ position from our asset class... 2013-02-21

Emerging Europe Interest Rate Forecasts


Economy / Turkey

BMI View: We have added a bearish view on the South African rand to our regional asset class strategy table, given the weak technical picture and a confluence of negative fundamentals.... 2013-01-24

Global Issues

Finance / Japan

We have initiated a tactical bearish position on Japan's Topix in our key market views folder at today's open of 948.52. This call is largely based on the technicals, with the impressive bull-run in play since last November showing signs of exhaustion. Firstly, as the chart below shows, the index failed to break above its pre-tsunami high of 980.00 earlier this month. Secondly,... 2013-02-15

Economy / Brazil

The consolidation in global equity markets could have further to run in the near term, as bullish momentum in January has come a long way. Technical breaks below support on key regional... 2013-02-11

Economy / Brazil

We remain bullish Brazilian and Colombian energy stocks in our regional asset class strategy. This informs our bullish view on Colombia's IGBC index and Bogotá-listed Pacific... 2012-12-27

Latin America

Economy / Argentina

Argentine restructured sovereign debt is rallying, with yields having fallen to their lowest levels since January on news that President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has had to temporarily transfer power to Vice President Amodo Boudou due to health reasons. While reports indicate that the health issue is not critical, we believe this market move illustrates the degree... 2013-10-08

Finance / Peru

As we anticipated, the temporary bounce seen in Peru's all-share IGBVL equity index quickly unwound, and we retain a broadly negative view on the market over the medium term, as profits... 2013-10-07

Economy / Argentina

The black-market exchange rate of pesos for US dollars paid in Argentina, also known as the "blue" rate, has begun to weaken again, in line with our view that government... 2013-07-18

Middle East & Africa

Economy / South Africa

South Africa's economic prospects have deteriorated amid rapid currency depreciation and rising tensions in the critical mining sector. We are forecasting real GDP growth of 2.3% in 2013 and 3.3% in 2014, with risks weighted firmly to the downside.


Economy / South Africa

The recent sharp depreciation of the rand will likely feed through to higher inflation via elevated import costs. Consequently, we have altered our outlook for monetary policy and now... 2013-06-07

Economy / South Africa

The South African rand has enjoyed a sharp recovery following its precipitous fall through the psychologically important ZAR10.0000/US$ level, but we believe that the retracement will... 2013-06-04