China Analysis

Economic Analysis - Trump's Pressure Could Lead To More Clarity In China's Trade Policies - 25 SEPT 2017

Pressure from the US could force China to provide more clarity regarding the latter's plans to liberalise its markets, which is likely to lead to a pick-up in the pace of opening up. That said, China will want to have control over the pace and process, which could still lead to an escalation of trade tensions with the US. Meanwhile, we believe that the financial sector will be a key focus for...


Economic Analysis - Credit Risks To Increase As Regulatory Tightening Continues - 15 MAY 2017

Any policy missteps by the Chinese government in curbing leverage could lead to continued onshore bond sell-off and potentially spill over to the US dollar bond market, considering the dominance of Chinese investors in the offshore market. Additionally, we expect the number of defaults to rise in the coming months due to increasing refinancing needs coupled with rising borrowing costs and...