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Argentine restructured sovereign debt is rallying, with yields having fallen to their lowest levels since January on news that President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has... 2013-10-08


As we anticipated, the temporary bounce seen in Peru's all-share IGBVL equity index quickly unwound, and we retain a broadly negative view on the market over the medium term, as profits... 2013-10-07


The black-market exchange rate of pesos for US dollars paid in Argentina, also known as the "blue" rate, has begun to weaken again, in line with our view that government... 2013-07-18



We maintain our view that a slowdown in the Chilean consumer in 2013 will weigh on the performance of equities in this sector, removing the support that has helped prevent... 2013-06-05


We believe that US dollar strength over the coming years will negatively affect Ecuador's trade competitiveness, compounding a weakening of the country's external accounts. However,... 2013-06-05


While we had expected Latin American currencies to roll over since mid-April, the magnitude of the latest sell-off in regional exchange rates has certainly exceeded our own expectations.... 2013-05-30


The recent outflow of foreign capital from Latin America could signal the end of a record bull-run in local government bond markets across the region. While poor economic data suggests... 2013-05-28


We are initiating a bearish view on Argentina's 12-month non-deliverable forward (NDF) outright peso contract in our Americas Asset Class Strategy table. In response to government comments... 2013-05-28